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EPFO UAN Password Reset Hacks: Fix Common Glitches & Gain Access FAST!

    Struggling to reset your EPFO UAN password? You’re not alone! This guide tackles the most frequent hurdles and offers quick solutions to get your UAN Password changed quickly. Incase if you are trying to reset the Password, follow the steps here – Change and Reset PF UAN Password

    PF Password Change Errors

    Failed to send OTP. Please try after sometime

    It’s likely due to temporary server issues on EPFO’s end. Here’s how to get back on track:

    1. Wait It Out: Give it 5-10 minutes to see if the issue resolves itself.
    2. Switch to UMANG App: If the error persists, seamlessly access the portal via the UMANG app. It offers an alternative and often smoother experience.

    Failed to send OTP EPFO

    Password Mismatch? Double-Check & Reset

    Ensure your “Old Password” and “New Password” fields match flawlessly. Any discrepancies will trigger an error.

    Name Mismatch? Update via Employer (1-2 Months)

    Facing “Unable to reset Password due to name mismatch”? This requires a name change in your PF account through your employer (linked to Aadhaar). Expect a 1-2 month wait due to approvals.

    Mobile Number Change? Update Aadhaar & Reset

    Remember, successful password resets rely on the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. If it’s outdated, update it in Aadhaar first. Once your Aadhaar reflects the correct number, proceed with the usual reset steps.

    Aadhaar Mismatch? Update with Employer & Reset

    An Aadhaar mismatch in your UAN can block password resets. Get your employer to update your Aadhaar through their portal. Once it’s synced, resetting your UAN password becomes a breeze!

    Date of Birth Discrepancy? Update via Employer & Reset

    Similar to name mismatches, a Date of Birth mismatch can stall password resets. Ask your employer to rectify it through their portal. With a corrected Date of Birth, resetting your UAN password will be smooth sailing.

    Passbook Login Blues? Wait 6 Hours After UAN Reset

    Remember, the UAN member portal and Passbook portal share the same password. If you recently reset your UAN password, wait 6 hours before attempting to log in to the Passbook portal with the new password.

    Aadhaar Authentication Error? Relax & Retry Later

    Don’t sweat an “Error while AADHAAR authentication” message. This temporary glitch on EPFO’s end usually resolves itself. Just try again later!

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