EPFO Member Passbook : Login & Check Balance

Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has a separate member passbook portal specifically for seeing the passbook for your PF account. Though you can use the UAN portal to check your PF accounts, file a PF Advance Claim or file a PF Withdrawal claim, to check the PF balance in your account, you need to use PF member passbook portal.


EPFO Member Passbook Login

  1. Go to Member passbook login page https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/login
  2. Login into the PF Member Passbook portal with the UAN ID and UAN Password as shown below
  3. On the main dashboard itself, you will be able to see the PF balance in your PF member account . Both Employee and Employer PF Share Balance will be displayed.

    Member Passbook PF Balance
  4. If you scroll down on the page you will be able to see the current company where you are working along with your total years of service for the PF account.

Check PF Balance – Member Passbook

To check the PF Balance for the current PF member account, follow the same steps as mentioned above

  1. Go to Member passbook portal page and login with your UAN ID and Password
  2. Click on Passbook on the top menu (Next to Profile link)
  3. Choose the desired PF member account for which you want to view the member balance
  4. Details Page will display Employer contributions, your (Employee) contributions along with the accrued interest.
  5. You can also do a month by month, year by year comparison of your PF Balance as shown below

    Member Passbook Balance

Download EPFO Member Passbook

  1. Login into the PF Passbook portal with the UAN ID and Password
  2. Click on the Passbook link the top menu (or follow the above steps)
  3. Scroll to the year-wise contribution
  4. Click on the Download Passbook button at the right
    Member Passbook Download PDF
  5. Again click on “Download File”
  6. Once the file is downloaded file, open the downloaded PDF which will display the PF member balance along with PF contribution.

Reset EPFO Passbook Password

The password for the EPFO passbook portal is the same as the UAN Password. To reset the password, follow the steps to change the UAN Password. Once the UAN Password has been changed, you may need to wait for 6 hours before you can use the same password to login into the Passbook portal.

source: epfindia.gov.in


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