Bank Holidays in 2024 for India

Banks in India follow the holiday schedule set by RBI and also the Banks may have certain holidays based on the state in which they are located. Let us see below the Bank holidays in 2024 for different states and also the major bank holidays across the country!

Major Bank Holidays for 2024 in India

DateDayHoliday Reason
13 January 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
26 January 2024 FridayRepublic Day
27 January 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
10 February 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
24 February 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
9 March 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
23 March 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
25 March 2024 MondayHoli
30 March 2024SaturdayRam Navami
13 April 2024SaturdayMahavir Jayanti   
27 April 2024SaturdayGood Friday 
13 April 2024 SaturdaySecond Saturday 
27 April 2024  SaturdayFourth Saturday 
1 May 2024 WednesdayMay Day
5 May 2024SundayBuddha Purnima 
13 May 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
27 May 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
10 June 2024   SaturdaySecond Saturday 
24 June 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
29 June 2024SaturdayBakrid
8 July 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
22 July 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
29 July 2024 MondayMuharram 
12 August 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
15 August 2024 ThursdayIndependence Day 
26 August 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
7 September 2024SaturdayJanmashtami (Vaishnva) 
9 September 2024 SaturdaySecond Saturday 
23 September 2024 SaturdayFourth Saturday 
28 September 2024 SaturdayMilad-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad 
2 October 2024WednesdayMahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 
14 October 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
24 October 2024 ThursdayDussehra 
28 October 2024 SaturdayFourth Saturday 
11 November 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday 
25 November 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday 
27 November 2024 WednesdayGuru Nanak’s Birthday 
9 December 2024 SaturdaySecond Saturday 
23 December 2024 SaturdayFourth Saturday 
25 December 2024WednesdayChristmas Day 

Different states also different have Bank holidays as noted below


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