AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data | PF Error message

Sometimes when you are trying to reset or change your UAN password or trying to use any of the EPFO services in the PF UAN portal you may get an error message like the below one saying

“Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”. Aadhaar authentication failed

This error message mainly occurs when you are trying to reset the password and this is mainly due to incorrect entry of your Name (or) Gender as in the PF records in the UAN Password reset form (If the name or gender doesn’t exactly match as in your Aadhaar, this error message will be displayed)

To resolve this issue, you need to enter the name exactly as in your Aadhaar or in your UAN Member PF account. (You can either look into your Aadhaar to check your name or look into the PF SMSes you have received).

If you are facing this issue somewhere else in the portal then you may need to update your name as per your Aadhaar by following the steps outlined here.

To resolve the Aadhaar Authentication issue

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  1. With regard to my PF name correction, please be informed that my joint declaration form was already submitted to the PF office in August 2023. Please do the my name is yutika gaurav warghe, I have been a World Vision India staff, I have sent a PF account name change request,it has been 1 month and yet my request has not been accepted. It is very important for me to change the name of my PF account as soon as possible. Please process my UAN Employer does not respond within 5 months.Again and again I have requested the world vision india office to send the picture to the office, it is not even replaying for last 5 months so please sir please help me as soon as possible, I need a lot of money

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