Fix “Invalid Gender Details UAN Aadhaar Authentication Error” Fast! Link Aadhaar to EPF Now!

Frustrated by the “Invalid Gender Details for Aadhaar Authentication” error when trying to link your UAN to Aadhaar? You’re not alone! This common issue can prevent your availing of PF Advance as well as PF Withdrawal along with other PF services such as PF Transfer. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and steps to navigate this roadblock and seamlessly link your accounts.

Understanding the Error:

This error message arises when the gender information in your Aadhaar card doesn’t match the EPFO records for your UAN. This discrepancy can occur due to various reasons, from typos to outdated information.

Fixing the Mismatch:

  1. Verify Aadhaar Details: Double-check your Aadhaar card for any typos or discrepancies in the gender information. Ensure it’s accurate and reflects your legal identity.
  2. Update EPFO Records: If the error persists, the gender information in your EPFO records might need updating. You can do this through two methods:
    • Online: Log in to the EPFO member portal, navigate to “My Profile,” and update your gender information. Remember to save the changes.
    • Offline: Visit your nearest EPFO office and submit a duly filled Form Aadhaar-UAN Link, along with your Aadhaar card and UAN card.
    • Employer: Ask your Employer to update the details by furnishing the required proof

Additional Tips:

  • Keep documents handy: Have your Aadhaar card, UAN card, and any supporting documents readily available for online or offline updates.
  • Seek assistance: Don’t hesitate to contact the EPFO helpline (1800-110-440) or visit your nearest regional office for any assistance with the process.
  • Be patient: Updating your EPFO records might take some time. Track the progress online through the member portal or by contacting the EPFO office.