Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication – PF UAN

“Invalid Gender details” error occurs when you are trying to authenticate Aadhaar for resetting/changing the PF UAN password (or) when you trying to do a KYC update (or) when you are trying to file a PF claim.

To resolve this issue, you may need to contact your Employer as they may be able to update your gender details via their Employer login. This may be also an issue with your Aadhaar as EPFO compares the gender details and takes it’s from the Aadhaar database.

If the gender details are wrongly updated in your Aadhaar then you may need to reach out to the nearest KYC centre to update your Aadhaar gender details.

In case the gender details are incorrect in the Aadhaar, then the only way to update your gender in UAN is to reach out to your employer (case your employer fails to update, you can reach out to the EPF Office to update your Gender) But the best method is to update your Gender in Aadhaar!

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