Verifying Email ID in UAN portal

Email IDs would have been populated by your employer already in the UAN portal. But it needs to be verified by the employee so that EPF organization knows you are the owner of the particular email address. Verification of Email Address is necessary as it would help you to change or reset the password and for few other functions. Let us see in the below steps how to verify the email address in the UAN portal

Step 1: Login into UAN portal using your credentials

Step 2: Click on Manage and then click on Contact Details

Step 3: In the contact details page, click on verify button next to the registered Email Id (If you have already verified your email address this is not needed)

Step 4: Enter the OTP that has been sent to your email address. (OTP would be received on your registered email address in the UAN portal)

Step 5: Pin would be received as shown in your email inbox. Copy the Pin and then enter in the

Step 6: Once the pin is entered and the save button is clicked, you would get a success message as shown below

And you can also a notice a verified message next to your register email address as shown above.

Quick Reference for EPF

In case if you don’t know your UAN checkout how you can find your UAN number

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