PF Advance Withdrawal Online Rules

EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) also allows the members to avail of PF Advance for different purposes. PF Advance (also known as PF Loan) can be availed for Marriage, Education, Medical Treatment, and Buying/Construction of a house.


PF Withdrawal for different purposes

  • Marriage Expenses: Support your own or your loved ones’ marriage (with eligibility criteria & limits).
  • Education: Invest in your child’s future education (specific requirements & withdrawal caps).
  • Medical Treatment: Cover medical expenses for yourself or your family (eligibility details & proof needed).
  • Property: Purchase a plot, construct/renovate a house, or repay a home loan (eligibility varies with each purpose).

Eligibility & Claim Submission

  • UAN ID and Password: Mandatory for online claims.
  • Aadhaar, PAN, and Bank Account: Linked to your UAN portal.
  • Proof Documents: Vary depending on the withdrawal type.

Claim Submission Steps

  1. Login to the UAN portal.
  2. Go to Online Services > Claim (Form-31,19,10C & 10D).
  3. Verify your bank account.
  4. Choose PF Advance (Form 31).
  5. Select the withdrawal purpose and enter the amount.
  6. Submit required proof documents.
  7. Get and enter Aadhaar OTP.
  8. Track claim status via the PF Member Passbook portal.

Key Points to Remember

  • Service Duration: Varies for each withdrawal type (minimums apply).
  • Advance Limits: Caps are set on the amount you can withdraw.
  • Claim Processing Time: Allow 5-15 days for processing.
  • Partial Withdrawal: Available only after 54 years of age or 1 year before retirement.

Detailed Eligibility Criteria

Specific eligibility criteria are crucial for each withdrawal type. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Marriage: 7 years of service, 50% employee share with interest, 3 times allowed.
  • Education: 7 years of service, 50% employee share with interest, 3 times allowed, proof of course, and estimated expenditure required.
  • Medical Treatment: 7 years of service, 6 months’ basic wages with DA or 50% employee share, 3 times allowed, medical treatment certificate (Certificate C) signed by employer and doctor needed.
  • Purchase of Plot: 5 years of service, 24 months’ basic wages with DA, 1 time allowed, declaration form from member required.
  • Construction/Purchase/Renovation of House: 5 years of service (construction & purchase), 10 years for renovation, varying limits based on wages, total cost, or employee & employer share, 1 time allowed, declaration form from member required.
  • Repaying Home Loan: 10 years of service, 36 months’ basic wages with DA or outstanding principal & interest or employee & employer share, 1 time allowed, certificate from agency indicating outstanding amount needed.
  • Company Not Paying Wages: Any member, or employee share with interest, no limit, certificate from the employer in specific forms required.
  • Employee Dismissed: Any member, maximum 50% employee share with interest, no limit, copy of court petition and pending case certificate needed.
  • Company Closed: Any member, maximum 50% employee share with interest, no limit, a certificate from the employer in specific forms required.
  • Partial Withdrawal: Age 54+ or 1 year before retirement, maximum 90% employee share with interest, 1 time allowed.
  • Financing LIC Policy: 2 years of service, premium amount, 1 time allowed, LIC policy proof needed.

Checking PF Advance Claim Status

You can check your PF Advance Claim status by logging into PF member passbook site.


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