PF Balance Check Phone Number – By Missed Call and SMS

Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) allows you to check the PF Balance in your PF account even without the Universal Account Number (UAN). You can use any of the below methods like Missed Call and SMS to check the PF Balance.

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PF Balance Check by Missed Call (without UAN)

  1. Give a missed call to the “PF Balance Check number 996604425” from your registered mobile number (Aadhaar-linked mobile number). The Aadhaar number should have been updated in the UAN portal
  2. This method allows a member to check a “PF Balance without UAN number
  3. After 1 or 2 minutes, you will get an SMS with the PF balance on your account as shown below

    PF Balance Check Number
  4. The above method of checking the PF Balance in your account doesn’t need your UAN or the PF account number as it’s based on your Aadhaar-linked mobile number.

PF Balance Check by SMS

The other way of checking the PF Balance is by sending an SMS to the PF Balance Check Number “7738299899” as in this format “EPFOHO 100812312345” (Where the 100812312345 is the UAN number). You can receive the message in different languages by sending the message in different formats as shown below. (XXXXX stands for your UAN Number)

  • For Hindi, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX HIN” to the PF Balance SMS Check Number “7738299899”
  • For Punjabi, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX PUN” to the PF Balance SMS Check Number “7738299899”
  • For Gujarati, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX GUJ” to the Phone number “7738299899”
  • For Marathi, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX MAR” to the Phone number “7738299899”
  • For Kannada, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX KAN” to the Phone number “7738299899”
  • For Telugu, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX TEL” to the Phone number “7738299899”
  • For Tamil, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX TAM” to the Phone number “7738299899”
  • For Malayalam, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX MAL” to the Phone number “7738299899”
  • For Malayalam, Type “EPFOHO 100XXXXX BEN” to the Phone number “7738299899”
PF Balance Check Number SMS

PF Balance Check Issues

If both of them are not working due to any reasons, then the next best way is to check the PF Balance Check via the Passbook portal or through the UAN portal. (Sometimes both the above services might not work due to various reasons). Incase there is a delay in getting the balance SMS, use the passbook portal!

To check your PF Balance either by missed call or an SMS, you need to have your KYC done in your UAN portal for either your Bank Account Number, PAN, or Aadhaar! Otherwise, you won’t get the SMS from the EPFO. The SMS will also have details about your UAN, Aadhaar, Date of Birth, PAN, and the last contribution.

Check PF Balance in EPFO Member Passbook

Another way of checking the balance in your PF account is to log into the Member Passbook portal with your UAN ID and password and check the EPFO Member Passbook which would give you contribution-wise as well as year-wise PF balance along with the interest credited to your PF account

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    1. Yes! To check the balance, you can just give a missed call from your Aadhaar mobile number as it would be already linked with your PF account

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