Close Your HDFC Personal Loan Online in Minutes

Struggling with endless queues at the bank branch to close your HDFC personal loan? Say goodbye to the hassle! This step-by-step guide empowers you to close your loan entirely online in just minutes, saving you precious time and effort.



  • Have your mobile number and loan account details readily available.
  • Pre-closure charges might apply based on your loan term.
  • Funds can be from any bank through a secure payment gateway.

Step-by-Step Guide for HDFC Online Loan Closure

  1. Head to HDFC’s Online Loan Closure Page: (
  2. Click “Click here” for an online token or directly proceed to (
  3. Enter your HDFC loan-linked mobile number (or an HDFC bank account number) and the received OTP.
    HDFC Online Loan Closure
  4. Choose the loan account you want to close, followed by your city and branch (any HDFC branch works!).
    Loan accounts
  5. Review your EMI details and outstanding amount.
    EMI Details
  6. Select “Foreclosure Request” under Service Requests.
  7. Understand pre-closure charges based on your loan term.
  8. Check the displayed foreclosure amount, choose a closure reason, and proceed.
  9. Click “Not Now” for loan closure link request and proceed with remarks.
    Loan Closure HDFC
  10. Read and submit the declaration.
  11. A successful message confirms your service request and mentions an upcoming SMS link.
  12. Click the HDFC link in the SMS (note down the order and amount).
  13. Verify details and confirm payment.
  14. Upon successful payment, receive a confirmation message and closure letter email within 10 working days.

Loan closed within 24 hours! You’ll also see it updated on your HDFC banking portal and receive a closure confirmation email. The NOC letter usually arrives within 10 working days.