Update Date of Exit in PF Portal online with & without Employer approval

Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) allows you to update the Date of Exit (DOE) in the UAN portal directly without Employers approval. This would enable employees to apply for Claim withdrawal without the need to wait for the Employers approval.

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Date of Exit Update in EPFO without Employer Approval

Sometimes your employer might update “Date of Exit” (DOE) in the PF portal. In such case EPFO allows you to mark exit against your PF account as shown below

  1. Login to the UAN portal with your UAN ID and password
  2. Once you have logged in, click on “Manage”

    Mark Exit in PF
  3. Click on “Mark Exit”
  4. Then choose the PF Member account ID for which you need to update “Date of Exit”

    Mark Date of Exit
  5. If you have already completed 2 months after your resignation, you can apply for date of exit otherwise you won’t be able to mark exit against your PF account.
  6. Choose a date and select the reason
  7. Then the OTP request would be sent to the mobile number linked with your Aadhaar
  8. After you enter the OTP, you can click on submit (Date of exit can’t be altered once submitted so be careful in entering the date of exit)

    Date of Exit

Note: Date of exit can be updated only after 2 months of leaving the service (After 2 months you have left the company, effectively 2 months after your last working day). System checks whether there is any PF contribution made by your employer in the last 2 months, if there has been no contribution made by the employer it allows you update Date of Exit in the PF UAN portal.

Date of Exit update in the EPF portal by the Employer

The easiest way to mark date of exit in the EPF portal is contact Employer and ask them to mark your exit against your PF account connected to your UAN. This can be done after 2 months of your resignation and the only criteria is there should be no contribution towards your PF account for the last 2 months.

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  1. How to change name
    My name is G Purushotham Reddy but in EPF they updated as Purushotham Reddy G
    im unable to upload KYC Documents
    How can i change My name

  2. Hi I am having two UAN Account, First UAN have two Member ID where DOE is not updated and another UAN have current member ID. What i should do? how to transfer old UAN 2 Member ID to new UAN Account?

  3. Hi sir my name is Ravi kumar yadav
    My date of birth is wrong update in my uan no. Please suggestions to me how to do?

  4. Dear Sir,

    My Date of birth is wrong in UAN portal. My employer has submitted an application to my concerned e-PF office with required documents on Jan 2017, still, my DOB was not changed in my UAN account. Please suggest the way forward to get it corrected.

  5. My pf withdrawal request rejected for not updating date of relieving in UAN portal..how to update this and who will update this..

  6. Sir.. My total of epfo amount is 30,000.. Is there any TDS applicable for these amount or is there nessesity for update PAN?

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