How to update date of exit in PF portal online without Employer approval?

Yes it’s possible to update your date of exit in the PF UAN portal without asking your employer to do it. Sometimes your employer might not do it or might take time to update to date of exit in the UAN portal. In such case you can follow the steps below to update your date of exit

Step 1: Login to UAN portal with credentials

Step 2: Click on Manage and then Click on Mark Exit

Step 3: Then choose your member ID as shown below (Choose the company from where you have resigned recently)

Step 4: Select Date of Exit and also Reselect the same date. And select any of the reasons for the exit from the dropdown and request for Aadhaar based OTP. Incase if you have not linked Aadhaar with UAN, please see how to link Aadhaar with UAN here

Step 5: Then click on Submit and then click on Update.

Step 6: Once Date of exit is updated, in the service history would be able to see the Date of exit seeded history as shown below

Note: Date of exit can be updated only after 2 months of leaving the service (After 2 months you have left the company, effectively 2 months after your last working day). System checks this condition via whether there is contribution made by your employer in the last 2 months, if there has been no contribution made by the employer it allows you update Date of Exit in the PF UAN portal.