How to Change/Update Date of Birth(DOB) in the EPF UAN Portal by Online

Recently EPF Organization has introduced a new way to update Date of Birth(DOB) of the member in the UAN Portal by online itself.Please follow the below steps to update Date of Birth in UAN

Step 1:

Go to UAN Portal and Login in with your USERID & Password


Step 2: 

Once you have logged in, Click on Manage and then Click on Modify Basic Details


Step 3:

Enter the Name you want to update in the UAN  on the right side and then Click on “Update”


Step 4:

Once you have clicked on Update, A message would be displayed as “Pending approval by Employer”


Step 5:

Call/Contact the Employer and ask them to approve your changes.Once they have approved, it would display this message and after which EPF Office has to approve the changes.EPF Office might take more than 30 days to approve the changes (I am not sure about how many days they will take to approve these changes)