EPF Grievance Portal for Provident Fund

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has a separate PF Grievance portal called “EPF i Grievance Management System” through which you can log complaints against the employers(companies), raise grievance issues against the PF Office which is not processing your claim, raise a complaint if there is any delay in the update of Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Aadhaar by your employer or anyone.

Table of Contents

EPFO Grievance Portal for PF Claim Withdrawal

  1. Go to the EPF Grievance Portal by clicking here
  2. Choose status as “PF Member” and then choose Claim ID as “No”, If you don’t have the Claim ID available

    PF Complaint UAN
  3. Once you click on Submit, OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. After validation of OTP, Enter the address details as shown below (PinCode, Country, and State should be entered)

    PF Claim Address
  5. Click on the PF account number to lodge the complaint against

    PF Complaint Grievance
  6. Enter the Grievance details as shown below. Choose the PF Number and Grievance related to the PF Office. Select the Grievance category as “Final PF Withdrawal” (or) “Non-Settlement of PF Advance Claim” (or) “Technical Issues while filing Claim”

    PF Complaint Claim Withdrawal
  7. Enter Grievance Description and add any supporting documents,

    PF Complaint Claim Category
  8. Then Click on the “Submit” document
  9. Once the complaint is submitted, you will receive an SMS notification regarding the complaint submission

PF Complaint for Passbook

The above steps can be repeated for filing a PF Complaint for PF Passbook-related issues (If the Passbook is not available or can’t be downloaded then file a complaint to get your Passbook available)

Claim Withdrawal PF Grievance Complaints

Technical Issues in Filing Claims

This category can be chosen when the PF member encounters any Technical issue like errors on the server while filing Claims for PF withdrawal

Non-Transfer of PF Accumulations

This Grievance category should be chosen in any of the below scenarios like

  • PF Transfer between 2 accounts
  • Errors during PF Transfer
  • PF Transfer from trust account to non-trust account

Non-Settlement of PF Advance Claim

This can be chosen for any Non-Settlement or delay in processing of the PF Advance Claims. This can be chosen in these scenarios

  • PF Marriage Withdrawal & Claim
  • PF Housing Loan Advance
  • PF Health Advance

Fraudulent Withdrawal from PF Account

If you notice any fraudulent Withdrawal from your EPF account without your authorization, File a Grievance complaint as soon as possible so the bank account can be frozen and culprits can be identified.

Grievance against PF Employer

There are various Grievances and complaints you can submit against your Employer if they are following the PF Act.

PF Evasion by Employer

If the Employer is not paying the PF regularly or if the Employer is deducting both the PF contributions from your salary, then you can file a grievance against the Employer by following the steps mentioned above

UAN and KYC issues with Employer

This category can be chosen if the Employer is refusing to approve or help you with any UAN and KYC changes (e.g. UAN KYC approval for a Bank account or Name change). Even if the employer refuses to provide you with the UAN number or the account details a PF Grievance complaint can be filed against the employer

Employer deducted PF from Salary but not deposited within EPFO

If the Employer is not depositing the PF Deducted from your salary into your UAN PF account, then a grievance complaint can be filed against the Employer in this category (This often happens with many employers who would refuse to pay the PF even after deducting it from Salary)

Employer refusing or threatening not to approve Claim Forms

If the employer refuses (or) threatens you not to resign by saying they would not approve the Claim Forms, then a grievance complaint can be filed against the Employer

PF Grievance for UAN Issues

To file a Grievance for any PF UAN issues, these are the steps to be followed

  1. Go to the EPF Grievance Portal by clicking here
  2. Choose Status as “Others”
  3. Enter all the personal details like “Name”, “Gender”, “Address for Communication”, “PinCode”, “State”, “Country”, “State” etc.,
  4. Select the “Office” as shown below

    PF grievance UAN
  5. Enter the details of the Establishment along with its address
  6. In the Grievance category, you can choose any of the below categories depending on the problem you are facing
    • “UAN not Allotted”
    • “Unable to Activate UAN”
    • “Unified Portal Not Working”
    • “PF Details not available”
    • “‘Non-Extension of PF Benefit to the Employees”
  7. Any of the above Grievance categories can be chosen based on the problem or issue you are facing with your PF account.

EPFO Grievance Technical queries

For any queries regarding https://epfigms.gov.in/ you can reach out to support-gms@epfindia.gov.in (If you have an issue uploading of a grievance document (or) you don’t which grievance document to choose from)

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  1. I have applied for UAN number one month ago but I didn’t get the same but in the mean time I left the company and joined to another company.Then how can I get the UAN or what to do for the next step or how to be transferred to this UAN
    Please guide me.

    1. Unless your PF account is linked with the the Old UAN number, you won’t be able to merge the UAN

  2. Hello
    My name is dinesh
    Uan no. 100743776069
    I am completed process in withdraw my pf
    It’s after 3 month but not received my pf

    Contact :9726750595

  3. Dear my UAN No. 100250557728 my date of birth change in my EPF account already submit correction copy of date of birth before 2 month ago but no any update in my PF account.
    Please give a good solution.

  4. Subject: PF amount not transferred

    I am following my last employer HCL Technologies for my PF transfer from more than two month. But they are not responding properly. They are not giving any timeline for this transfer. I don’t know how to handle this situation. Whom to complaint for a PVT organisation. Who is responsible for this? Do our government has any rule for these pvt organisation.

    My UAN number is 100407828605.

  5. Called up several times, no response from the EPF Office Trivandrum. Wanted to withdraw my PF, have been waiting as all the relevant documents have been submitted, no idea how much time will this take. If at all someone call call. 9746517050

  6. Dear sir

            My name is harpreet singh and my pf no is HRFBD00014310000001517 and uan no. Is  100638487690 I want to withdraw my pf and pension contribution , i applied online pf contribution on 20 oct 2017 and pf pension contribution on 27 th oct 2017, both the claims are settled but till 11 nov 2017 amount not transfered in my account.please transfer my amount as soon as possible….

    More than.100 times.tried to.submit.complaint on epf grievance portal,not registration done on the server……..please check the issue……

    Thanks and regards 

    Harpreet Singh 



  7. sir I am Rohit Kumar my UAN NO. 100522685207 please tell me current update and how many days amount credit in my account

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