How to update EPF E-Nomination Share for your different Family members?

As you all know we can file E-Nomination online for your EPF account and add one or more family members as nominees for your entire EPF account. If there is only one nominee then 100% of your account will belong to the Nominee whereas if there are more than 1 or 2 family members then you may need to divide your EPF Share percentage on your Nominees. Let us see in the below steps on how to update Nomination share percentage for your different family members

How to file E-Nomination online for EPF account –

Step 1: Go to UAN Portal and Click on Manage and E-Nomination

Step 2: The E-Nomination page will open as shown below

Step 3: In the E-Nomination page, click on the Checkbox under select (left) and enter the total amount of Share % as shown below

Step 4: Once you have entered the share percentage, Click on Save Nomination. Now the percentage of share would be split between your family members