How to request for Physical PIN for an ICICI Credit Card?

As we know we can generate an ICICI Credit Card PIN through Online via ICICI Internet Banking as well as through ICICI Customer care. But in case if you need to generate a physical pin for an ICICI Credit Card, that can be also done by placing a request at ICICI Bank or at ICICI Bank Online website. Let us see the steps below on how to place a request for ICICI Credit Card PIN (This PIN would be sent via mail)

Step 1: Login into ICICI Internet Banking Online and click on Credit Cards

Step 2: Click on “Request for Physical PIN”

Step 3: Choose the Credit Card from the Dropdown for which the PIN needs to be sent via Physical mail.Once the card is choosen click on Submit

Once the submit button is clicked, A Service request would be placed for generating the PIN and sending it your current mail address within 7 working days. (Generally it would be take 5-7 days to receive the PIN but sometimes it would be faster).


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