Canadian embassy in India

Canadian Embassy in India is located in New Delhi and Canadian Government has also consulates in Mumbai, Chandigarh and Bengaluru in order to assist Canadian citizens as well as the Canadian visa holders Address: […]

Visa on Arrival for Indians

These are the countries that provide Visa on Arrival for Indians in Asia : Maldives, SriLanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Madagascar, Seychelles, Samoa, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Palau Islands, Qatar etc., Countries that […]

Where I can find my US Visa Application number?

Whenever your submit your US Visa application number (DS-160), there would be confirmation number (or) application ID that would be listed in the submitted application (It can be also found in the email that […]

Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time

Canada has different processing times for Visitor Visa based on where you are applying from! If you are applying from India, then it may be anywhere between from 20 – 45 days.More details about […]

UAE Visa Check by Passport Number

The below steps will explain in detail how to check a UAE Visa’s validity by using Passport number from the UAE Government website. Though there are different steps to check the validity this is […]

US Visa Wait Times

Currently for getting a Visa to US, there are wait times for appointment at the US consulates all around the world that ranges from a week to 2 years in some countries. The below […]

Dubai Visa Price for Indians

Visa price for Dubai for Indians can vary anywhere from Rs.5500 to 37900 based on the type of visa (short term/long term tourist visas) and also based on whether it’s a single entry or […]

Dubai Visit Visa Price

Visa price for Dubai varies based on the type of visa (short term/long term) and also based on whether it’s a single entry or multiple entry visa. It ranges anywhere from 68 USD to […]