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Golden Visa Dubai | Explained

Golden Visa Dubai also known as UAE’s Golden visa is a 10 year residency permit in UAE which allows any foreign national to stay and work in Dubai/UAE for a period of 10 years! Buying a house or investing in UAE automatically makes you eligible to secure a Golden Visa and since this a self sponsored visa, it’s easy to get this visa quickly

Since Dubai doesn’t levy Income Tax on it’s residents, this is a added advantage of entrepreneurs and others as their income would be mostly tax free. To secure the Golden visa, all you need to do is invest about $2 million AED in a single or multiple properties or any other investment and incase if you sell off a property there is no capital gains tax on the income so it makes Dubai an attract destination for investors and entrepreneurs.

In addition to that, Golden Visa holder’s family members also get Residence permit without any conditions and they can also sponsor service labourers for themselves (There is no restriction on how many service labourers can be brought in)

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