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Dubai Golden Visa Price

As per the revised rules, if you are investor from any country who is applying for Golden Visa in Dubai then you need to show a proof that you have either invested 2 Million AED (around $600K) in Investment fund (or) own properties that’s more than 2 million AED (600K USD) in value (or) you should be a owner of the company that pays 250,000 AED to the Government every year as Tax.

Investor applying for Golden Visa : If you are investor applying for Golden Visa then you need to meet any of the following conditions mentioned below
1. Should have invested 600K USD (2 Million AED)
2. Investment should have been in a Investment fund accredited by UAE
3. Submission of a letter from an investment fund as a proof for your Investment

Investors in Companies applying for Golden Visa : If you have invested in a commercial or industrial company in UAE then these conditions should be met for applying Golden Visa
1. Should have invested 600K USD in the company
2. Company should have commercial or industrial licenses with investor’s Memorandum of Association 

Investors in RealEstate applying for Golden Visa: For a Real Estate investor the conditions are little different when compared with others, they are
1. Real Estate investor should own 1 or more properties with value greater than 600K USD (2 Million AED)
2. The property should not be subject to any loan

More about these rules can be found here –