Dubai’s Golden Visa | Who can apply for Golden Visa?

Dubai’s Golden Visa otherwise known as UAE’s Golden VISA is a long term residence visa of UAE which allows anyone to stay in Dubai/Abu Dhabi etc., (UAE Cities) and the visa is granted to citizens of any foreign country which allows them to study and work in UAE and enjoy some extraordinary benefits listed below

1. This Golden Visa is valid for 10 years

2. This is self sponsored Visa and it need not be sponsored by any employers

3. Even if you stay outside UAE for extended period of time, the Visa doesn’t get nullified

4. Golden Visa allows to sponsor their family members (spouses and children irrespective of their age)

5. Can sponsor unlimited number of domestic helpers

6. Immediate entry visa for upto 6 months with multiple entries thereafter

Who can apply for Golden Visa? : Investors, Entrepreneurs, Exceptional talents, Scientists, Professionals, Outstanding Students and Graduates, Humanitarian pioneers and Frontline Heroes (These are the categories