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Dubai Visit Visa Price

Visa price for Dubai varies based on the type of visa (short term/long term) and also based on whether it’s a single entry or multiple entry visa. It ranges anywhere from 68 USD to 500 USD (Dirham prices are given below) .In addition to that there is a overstaying fee if you happen to overstay your visa in Dubai to any reasons. The detailed price list is given below as shown

Dubai Visa TypeEntry TypeValidityUSD PriceUAE Dirham
Short Term Tourist Visa Single Entry30 Days 68 USD250 AED
Short Term Tourist Visa Multiple Entry30 Days 188 USD690 AED
Long Term Tourist Visa Single Entry90 Days 164 USD600 AED
Long Term Tourism Via Multiple Entry 90 Days 474 USD1740 AED

Single Entry – With this type of Visa, you can enter into Dubai only once and if you exit Dubai or UAE then you may need to apply for VISA again or get an on-arrival visa

Multiple Entry – With this type of visa, you can enter Dubai or any other UAE emirate multiple times over the visa period and need not apply for visa when you enter again within the time period.

If you have overstayed your Visa, then it’s 100 AED ($27) per day and when you are exiting Dubai you may need to pay about around 200 AED ($55).. If you have overstayed for less than 30 days then you can pay this fees at Airport or GDRFA-D HQ, but if it’s more than 30 days then you have pay this fees only at GDRFA-D HQ.

For Dubai Golden Visa (Residency Visa) the price is shown here –