How many days PF Withdrawal will take Online?

Earlier PF withdrawal generally took more than 1 month but with the introduction of the UAN Member portal, the time for PF withdrawal has been cut short to 4-5 days. I got my PF amount directly in my bank account just 4 days after the submission of my claim for PF Full withdrawal.

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PF Full Withdrawal Settlement Time

Generally, if all the details are correct and there are no issues with your Bank account or PF account or PAN number and Date of Exit, you will get the PF amount in 5-15 working days after submission of a claim. (You can wait 20 working days before filing a complaint)

PF Advance Withdrawal Settlement Time

PF Advances might take more than 15 working days to process the claim initiated by the PF member. This also depends on the type of PF Advance member is applying for.

Checklist before PF Claim Submission for Full Withdrawal

Before claim submission, ensure that the KYC is updated in the UAN portal and you should also satisfy the below criteria

  • Date of Exit Updated in the UAN Portal
  • Ensure PAN, Bank Account and Aadhaar have been updated
  • Ensure Name and Gender are correct in the UAN
  • PF Member should not be working currently & 2 months should have elapsed after the resignation

If all the above conditions are satisfied then you can go ahead and apply for a PF Withdrawal claim. Once you have submitted a claim for Form19, you can also submit a claim for Form10C

PF Claim Processing FAQ

How many days it will take to process the EPF Claim?

PF Office will generally take anywhere between 4-20 days to process your PF Claim/Withdrawal. In some cases, the claim might be getting rejected due to valid reasons.

What happens if my PF Withdrawal is not processed?

If your PF withdrawal (claim) is not processed even after 20 days, you can file a complaint at the PF Grievance portal where you can track your complaint and see the real status of your PF Claim

How do I know if my PF Withdrawal (Claim) is being processed?

The best way to know whether your claim is being processed is to check the status of your claim once in 2 days as there are various statuses like Claim sent to a field office or claim approved which would indicate whether the withdrawal is being processed or not.

Where to complain about PF Withdrawal?

If you feel your PF withdrawal is being delayed you can file a complaint at EPF Grievance Portal

Can I cancel my PF Withdrawal?

No. There is no way to cancel your PF Withdrawal once it has been initiated. So before submitting a claim, please decide whether you want to proceed with the claim