Whether Indians need Visa for Dubai? | Dubai Tourist Visa

If you are an Indian citizen planning to visit Dubai or any other city in UAE for Tourism purposes then you may need to obtain a UAE visa for visiting Dubai. In certain cases these Tourist visa might not be needed and can be applied when you arrive in Dubai or any other city which are part of UAE (United Arab Emirates)

All Indians need to have a UAE Visa before visiting Dubai with exception of the cases mentioned below where Indian Nationals with the below documentation might apply for Visa on Arrival for AED120 for a maximum period of 14 days. If an Indian National has any of these following then the Indian National need not apply for Visa before visiting Dubai.

  • B1/B2 issued by USA Government
  • Green card issued by USA
  • Residence Visa issues by UK or EU (European Union)

In the above cases, an Indian national can apply for UAE Visa once he/she arrives in Dubai. The same holds good for any transit visa also.

If an Indian national doesn’t have any of the documents above then they need to apply separately for UAE Visa..