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How to check DTCP approval for plots in TN?

Directorate of Town & Country (DTCP) planning approval is needed for any plots that you are going to purchase in the state of TamilNadu. If your plot is not DTCP approved then you may lose out on lot of facilities by the Govt of TamilNadu. In Chennai, the layouts are approved by CMDA whereas in other districts it’s approved by DTCP.

Let us see how to check DTCP approval for any plots that are being advertised for sale.

First & Foremost ask for DTCP approval No/Year from the people who are selling plots, if they fail to provide you one or give evasive answers, either the layout has not been approved or in the process of getting approval. if they fail to provide it then ask for Survey number of the plot, each and every layout will have a survey number without survey numbers plots cant exist.

Let us see how to check if you got a Approval Number and Year

Step 1 : Go to DTCP site –

Step 2: Then click on Land use Details as shown and then click on Land Use Information

Step 3: Then a new page will open with a different interface as shown

Step 4: On that page, click on “Query Layout Details by Approval Number”

Step 5: Then another new page will open and on the new page, Select the Approval office as shown below, if you don’t know the Approval office ask the plot owner or people who are selling the plots to you

Step 6: Then after selecting the Approving Office, Enter the Approval Number and Year as shown

Step 7: Once you have clicked on “Ok” you will get the Approval details as shown

Step 8 : To view the layout , click on the View layout button once you click on it, you will get to see the layout PDF as shown

And in case you don’t know the approval no but you have a rough idea about in which year it got approved, you can also view by list of layouts approved by yearwise after selecting the approval office and year