Changing Marital status in EPF UAN Portal

To change the marital status in the EPF UAN portal, follow the below steps. Marital status should be updated in UAN as soon as you get married. so let us see how to update the marital status

Step 1: Login into the UAN portal

Step 2: Click on View & then go to Profile

Step 3: Click on the edit icon next to the Marital Status

Step 4: In the next screen, click on “Change Martial Status”

Step 5: In the drop down select New Marital status as “Married” and then click on “Get Authorization pin”

Step 6: In the next screen after verifying the changes requested, click on “Yes”

Step 7: Once you click on “Yes” you will receive a OTP from EPFO, Enter the OTP PIN & then click on “Save Changes”

Once you click on “Save changes”, the changes would be readily updated & reflected in the EPF UAN portal