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  1. can i create new pf account in new my office. I already have pf account in my current organization. now i going to join in new company. so i want to take the amount what i have in my pf account till now is it possible.

  2. Your website is absolutely useless. You give answers like, “contact your epf office”, etc, “apply online”, etc. Everything you suggest does not seem to work! Either the website is faulty or there is no service there. So, I suggest, you better close down this website and do the people a favor, since anyway, it does’nt seem to help much.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My present employer will be able to view the details of old employer in UAN Account.( like previous organization name )

    please reply sir.

  4. Hi, My name Sukanya, I have recently closed my pf account through the last company HR…Actually I have worked two organisations, I transffered my previous PF account to my last organisations.. I have worked my last organisation at one and half years..Now I got only the EPS amount then my total eps amount is 8824 but the claim status showing the EPS amount is only 7650…I want know Why..? What is the reason..?

  5. Sir ,
    i am leave job last 5 years ago , my company also close last 04 years ago, i dont have also UAN account please tell mi what i do

    1. For InOperative accounts see here -https://www.epfguide.com/withdraw-money-inoperative-pf-accounts-epf-helpdesk/

  6. Hi My Name is Deepak
    in the same UAN Number two different employee names are merged
    How to remove one employee name from the UAN portal??
    Plase help Help

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