Automatic Online EPF Transfer from one Company to another Company

Automatic EPF Transfer  from one company to another company can take place online provided these conditions are met

  • Aadhaar should have been updated in the UAN provided to you
  • KYC details like Aadhaar should have been verified in the UAN


When you move to another company from your previous employment

  1. Give the UAN,Aadhaar,Name and Date of Birth to your New Company during joining process
  2. New Company (Employer) enters the all the above details in the PF Registration process
  3. Data entered would be validated against the EPF Database
  4. Incase the UAN given was Aadhaar verified and transfer declaration made in Form 11 will trigger an auto transfer
  5. SMS will be received by you informing that auto transfer process has been initiated


Auto transfer for funds will take place from Old Company’s PF member ID to new Company’s PF Member ID when these conditions are met

  • When you don’t intend to stop the transfer within 10 days of receiving the sms
  • First contribution by the new company(Employer) is deposited in your account


Once the transfer is done, Communication would be sent to the registered email and phone number of the employee.


Here is the EPF Circular about this –¬†