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  1. Sreevidya Aravind says:

    Hi ,
    I have resigned my job before 10 months and my service is just 3.1 month. I have read somewhere that ifour service is less than 9 years , we can withdraw both pension nd pf share. If so how? where can I find the option to withdraw the money?

  2. SIVA says:

    Hi sir

    I worked 1.5 month company A and i discontinue but my pf mapped Company A now i got opertunity based on previous industry i don’t link cmpany A to new company i don’t have experiance letter..
    Kindly help me…..

  3. Yogesh says:

    I have old pf account which balance i transfered . But how i can close my old account and wihdraw balance from new account . I am working for third co. Now . I have balance in pf aacount which co. I have left . What to do.

  4. Amal P says:

    Sir, i worked an organisation for 2 months and quit that job. They started a pf account for me. Now i am going work in an another organisation after 6 months after quitting the job. So will my pf account get automatically cancelled since i worked for only months.

  5. Vidhya says:

    In very few month I Will be leaving my job and leaving India permanently
    So I want process of closing my pf account

  6. Abdul Rashid says:

    Hi Sir,

    I Applied for EPF Withdrawal after two months of resigning.Actually I applied for both EPF and EPS,But It credited only EPF Amount before one week. What about EPS…? .In EPF Website Status showing approved and Payment is Under Process….

  7. THomas VK says:

    Hi sir ,
    Recently i resigned my job from an institution after 8 years of service and i have signed and submitted forms in my old employer
    my doubt is about Pension contribution . will it credited in my account after closing or i have to Waite for long ? since now iam not contributing epf because my new employer is not providing PF

    i hope a correct answer for my doubt about EPS amout which i contributed

    thanks and regards
    Thomas VK

    • Shan says:

      It wont be credited in your account but you can apply for part withdrawal!Soon will come out with posts on this!

  8. Nemish says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to close my pf & UAN number so what is the process?
    Can we create double PF & UAN number

  9. Ravi Kalra says:


    I have left my job last 2 month with previous employer & now i want to close my PF account & withdrawal money. Kindly suggest

  10. Shanmugan says:

    I want to close old open new account. What to do

  11. paranthaman G says:

    Dear sir

    My PF number MH/BAN/211273/89667

    I want to withdraw my PF.
    Kinldy help me .i am not able to check my PF balance also.
    i need some urgent money for my marriage for next month

  12. Gaurav says:

    I resign my job and withdrawn my PF money still they show my account. I want to close my previous UAN no.
    Need help

  13. nikhil says:

    I am going abroad by resigning my present job here. I have UAN and PF account balance of 4 years. Please suggest me how can i close my entire balance amount with EPF.

  14. Rajesh says:

    I left the job with the previous employer and I want that pf money and Could you please let me the process how to claim that money…


  15. vinothkumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    Please check and let me know my PF withdrawal status. Because i am not able to view the claim status of my PF account. It shows
    “* * Data available since last six months. * *
    * * data availaible from 30-12-2015. Last updated on 30-06-2016 at 04:32 am * *
    * * Approval Details on PPO and Scheme Certificates will be made available soon.. * * “.

    PF no : TNAMB00655240000000864

    Thanks in advance!!!!




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