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Secure Your Family’s Future with the EPF EDLI Scheme: Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance

The Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme, offered by the EPFO alongside EPF and EPS, provides affordable life insurance to millions of Indians. This employer-funded scheme ensures financial security for families in the unfortunate event of an employee’s death, regardless of age or health conditions.

What is EDLI?

EDLI offers life insurance coverage to the families of EPF subscribers who pass away during their employment. It provides a lump sum payment to help loved ones cope with financial hardship and navigate this difficult time.

Who pays premium?

Employers pay the entire premium contributing 0.5% of an employee’s total contribution (which includes both employee and employer contributions). For example, if an employee contributes 12% of their salary to EPF, the employer also contributes 12%, with 0.5% of that amount going towards EDLI.

Benefits of EDLI

  • Universal Coverage: Every EPF member automatically gets covered under EDLI, including employees under private PF trusts.
  • Full Life Insurance: Employees receive full life insurance coverage throughout their employment, regardless of age or health.
  • No Health Exclusions: Unlike private insurance, this has no exclusions based on pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Equal Premium: All employees enjoy the same level of coverage without any premium differentiation based on age or health.
  • Employer-Funded: Employees don’t contribute any additional amount towards premiums.

Claiming EPF Insurance Benefits:

  • Know your coverage amount: Check your EPF passbook to determine your specific coverage amount, which is calculated based on your salary and contribution period.
  • Claim process: In case of an unfortunate event, the nominee or legal heir can initiate the claim process online by submitting the required documents to the EPFO. Find detailed steps and required documents on the EPFO website.

Don’t miss out on this valuable financial security benefit! Encourage your employer to subscribe to the EDLI scheme if they haven’t already.

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