EDLI – Employees Deposit Linked Insurance – Free Insurance under EPF

Employees Deposit Linked Insurance scheme is one of the insurance schemes run by EPF Organization along with EPF and EPS schemes. It provides Life coverage to the all people covered by EPF without discriminating against them in terms of their age or health condition.And for this Employee doesn’t pay premium only Employer does!


What is EDLI?

EDLI is an insurance scheme that provides coverage benefits to the family of the EPF subscriber incase of an uneventual happening like Death


Who contributes to EDLI

Your employer contributes to EDLI and the contribution percentage is 0.5% of your Contribution (Remember that you contribute 12% of our Salary and Employer also contributes an equal amount of 12% of which o.5% goes to EDLI)


Benefits of EDLI

  •          Every Employee who is member of the EPF gets covered under EDLI
  •         It’s a Full term life insurance –  Employee is covered fully
  •         No Exclusions based on the health condition of the Employee
  •         All Employees pay an equal premium (Employer pays it)
  •         Employees are not differentiated based on the age of Health


All Employees who are part of EPF are covered under EDLI by default! (Including those companies who maintain their private PF funds)


Check out the below links to see more about EDLI


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  1. My father is died 1 and half year ago her pf money is settled and pension is started and her edli money is not credited in our account status not showing nothing much what we can do get it

  2. There is lot of confusion about Proposed Medical benefit for EPS 1995 Pensioners from ESI.In few reporting,it has appeared that,the proposed medical benefit is for Present EPF members.We Were EPF members but after retirement,We are Members of EPS 1995 and receiving our pension from EPFO.Would any body clear our confusion.Thanks..

    1. This has not been notified yet and we will get more clarity when Government comes with formal notification (This is still under the discussion)

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