Closing ICICI Bank OverDraft (OD)account against FD

Update: Now ICICI Bank has enabled online facility to close the OverDraft against FD but it can be used only when you are trying to close the FD otherwise you may have to still follow the steps below .Let us see here how to close your ICICI Bank OverDraft account against FD by going to ICICI Bank branch.

Step 1: Go to Nearest ICICI Bank Branch

Step 2: Mention your OD account (Current Account No) to the Bank official and ask them to close it.

Currently there is no online option to close your OD account (Current account). Since ICICI Bank treats each OD account as a current account you need to visit the ICICI Bank branch to close the account and there is no other way you can close your OD account

Make sure all the balance is paid on your OD account before asking the ICICI Bank official to close your account otherwise your account wont be closed and also if you don’t pay the OD Balance, your FD will be renewed for the same tenure.


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