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Closing OverDraft facility in ICICI Bank Online (Updated)

    ICICI Bank has recently updated it’s portal where you can close the OverDraft facility via online instead of heading over to the ICICI bank branch. As of now only when you close an FD, you will be also able to close the overdraft unlike other banks.Here are the steps which you should follow to close a ICICI Bank OverDraft facility online.

    Step 1: Go to Deposits and Click on Manage your Fixed Deposits. Then select the Fixed Deposit Account Number and click on Partial/Premature Closure

    Step 2: Click on the Savings Account Number and select Request for “Premature Closure of FD”

    Step 3: Click on FD/RD account number for which you are going to close the OverDraft

    Step 4: When you click on Submit, A popup will be displayed asking whether you want to close the FD and OverDraft facility, Click on “YES”

    Step 5: If there is any OD Balance, then it would be displayed and the balance would be deducted from the savings account, if not it would not be deducted

    Step 6: Once you click on Submit, OD will be closed along with the FD.