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Check Guideline value for Survey No. in Tamil Nadu

    Guideline value is the market rate that is stipulated by Govt for all types of land in TamilNadu. Generally in someplaces actual rate might be above the guideline value stipulated by Govt whereas in some places actual market rate might be below the guideline value stipulated by Government. This is the rate at which Stamp Duty is calculated.Let us see how to see the Guideline value in the below steps

    Step 1: Go to

    Step 2: Change the language to “English”

    Step 3: Select Survey Number and select the zone

    Step 4: Then select the Sub Registrar office as shown below

    Step 5: Then select the village as shown below. Here I am again selecting Alanganallur

    Step 6: Enter the Survey number as shown and then click on Submit

    Step 7: Once you click on Submit, you can see the Guideline value as shown below for each and every subdivision inside the Survey No

    These are the steps in which you can see Guideline value for a Survey No incase if you wish the see the EC, follow the steps here on how to see Encumbrance certificate for any land in Madurai