What happens when you don’t pay Minimum Amount Due on CreditCard?

If you miss a payment it’s not going to take a big hit on your CreditScore. I have myself missed payments couple of times but both were completely different scenario’s. Only if there are multiple defaults then your credit score might be taking a hit very badly.

When your Credit Score won’t get affected

  • Once I missed payment of HDFC Credit Card on 6th & I got  call from the Customer Rep on 8th reminding me to pay and my Credit Score didn’t get affected by that
  • Another time I paid partly and was not able to pay the full amount , the bill still got generated but it didnt affect my credit score by any means
  • Have consistently paid some of my Credit Card payments some 3 times or 4 times after the due date is over but it didn’t affect my credit score at all
  • Even if you miss a payment for a single Month it’s perfectly fine but make sure you pay the amount in next time