PAN Verification failed in the UAN EPFO Portal

Sometimes when you are trying to file a PF withdrawak claim (or) avail any of the UAN services (or) once you login into the UAN portal you may get an error message like the one shown below

” PAN Verification failed as the member name doesn’t match against the name in the Income Tax Department Database”

Reasons for Failed Verification of PAN

  • Wrong PAN in the UAN portal
  • Name Mismatch in PAN and Aadhaar

PAN Verification failed

If you get an error message like this, you can update your PAN directly in the UAN portal. Once you have submitted the PAN for verification, it would be sent to Employer for the approval. After approval by Employer, it would be approved by the PF field office (where the jurisdiction of your PF will come)


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