Mumbai-1 (Bandra) EPF Office Address/Phone Number/Email

Bandra office is one of the major Regional PF Offices in Mumbai and also it houses PF Offices for Dadar, Nariman Point and Powai region.If your jurisdiction falls under any of these regions you can contact the Enquiry or on the below Whatspp Business account numbers.

EPFO Regional Office
341, Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400 051.

EPF office contactPhone Number
Enquiry022 – 26475910
Whatsapp Business Account02226470030
Public Relations022 – 26475915
EDP022 – 26470015

Map of Mumbai-1 (Bandra) EPF Office

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  1. Form 19 and 10c almost 24 days ho gya bandra office me online but abhi tk under process show kr rha hai medical emergency hai

  2. My PF transfer got rejected with the reason – ‘TR IN EPS NOT RECEIVED FROM MH/BAN’ I am from bangalore and the PF office here asked me to connect with the Bandra office to fix this issue. These people are not picking up my calls/ respond to emails. What should I be doing now?

  3. My Company submitted a joint declaration form(offline) regarding name correction to EPFO Bandra.

    Can you please tell me the status of My UAN number name correction JD form status?

    Almost 30 dates have passed, but still, it’s showing as under process. I have tried calling and emailing the Bandra office they are not answering.

    1. The Name change if it’s a major correction it will take much more time to process as it goes through multiple levels of approvals at PF Office (It has to approved by Section Supervisor, AO, Assistant Commissioner and Commissioner)

  4. Hi,

    I have sent an email attaching my UAN and Aadhar number for Name change. Each month some amount is getting deducted from my salary. Its been More than a month. I am yet to receive reply. Not sure what to do and whom to approach to resolve this issue.

    Please suggest or assist on the above issue.

    Thank you.

  5. Dear sir my name gagandeep i am working 6 year more retail ltd but I am company region but am apply form 10c but not settled already 1month ago my please sir solve problem sir urgently family problem..

  6. Hi, I stay in US and I want to withdraw my PF. But problem is my previous firm capgenini didn’t transfer their PF amount to my 2nd company Deloitte so I cannot withdraw. I cannot transfer online as I raised once online transfer and there was mistake at capgemini end. So now I have amount in two PF accounts online after I followed up with capgemini , I sent form-13 to EPFo Bandra on 8th sept 2023 for offline transfer as I cannot do online but still there is no update and I cannot come to India but I need my money. Can you tell me when it will be done? So that I can withdraw ?

      1. I have claimed of my pf form 10-c.its been 44 days since I did my pf claim. Till now it is only in under processes. Hope you solve this issue by today.Kindly do the needful as soon as possible.

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