ICICI Neo Direct Brokerage vs Zerodha Brokerage Plans

ICICI has introduced a new Neo Direct Brokerage Plan which is cheaper when compared with other ICICI Direct Plans like Prime Plan or I-Secure Plan.It’s very similar to the Zerodha but there are some differences as the Zerodha charges Rs0 for Delivery whereas ICICI Neo brokerage would charge the brokerage percentage as per the baseplan but for rest of segments like Futures, Options, IntraDay Margin ICICI Neo brokerage is much better than Zerodha’s plan

Segment ICICI Direct – NEOZerodha Charges
Equity – Delivery As per the base Plan (0.025%)
Equity – Margin/IntraDay Trading Rs 20 per Order Rs 20 per Order
Futures Rs 0 Rs 20 per Order
Options Rs 20 per Order Rs 20 per Order
Commodity Rs 20 per Order Rs 20 per Order

If you are an Intraday trader, then ICICI Direct’s NEO Plan is the best as it charges Rs 0 for futures and Rs 20 for options/Intraday whereas Zerodha levies a flat Rs 20 every IntraDay/Margin and in addition to that with troubles Zerodha had in the past years, it would be better to make use of ICICIDirect NEO Plan.