Kochi EPF Office – Address/Phone No/Email

EPF Sub Regional Office
No. 36/685-A, Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
Post Box No. 1895, Kaloor,
Kochi – 682 017 (Kerala).
E-mail: sro.kochi@epfindia.gov.in
Phone no : 0484-2341579

Map of Ernakulam/Kochi EPF Office

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84 Responses

  1. Honey says:

    I have been trying to upload my kyc details in epfo website but it shows some error. When i updated my aadhar details, it showed gender authentication failed and it has been repeating when i try to do so. Also error happens with my pan card details updation.

    Could you please help me to sort this issue?

  2. Safwan says:


    My name and gender are wrongly entered on my uan and pf account. How do I change it? Are a letter from my employer and a copy of ID proof enough or is there is a correction form that I have to submit to the EPFO?

  3. BIJO GEORGE says:

    My name is Bijo George,PF NO:KR/KCH/19297/429, I got a message from PF office message is …..Claim Form 13 For transfer to new Account Number: against Old Member Account has been rejected. Claim ID: KRKCH170700013337 Member ID: KRKCH00192970000000429 Reason of rejection: CERTIFICATE A/B/C/D/E/F NOT ENCLOSED/SIGNED.
    Remarks by DA/AO:You are requested to correct fill the BREAK CERTIFICATE AND RESUBMIT THE APPLICATION /OK
    Rejection letter is under dispatch.
    Please help me,what can I do?

  4. Kuriakose says:

    How can I withdrawal my EPF ? Is It go to any EPF office in India ? What are the documents required? & how long time will be take the process?

  5. Akhil vaisakh says:

    I have a doubt related to closing.for the bank account details,what should I produce? Cancelled cheque or front page of bank passbook?Or both?.Pls help me

  6. Sreejith K S says:

    In my epf details, my date of birth was wrongly entered by the employer. Currently l am resigned from that organisation. Their head office is in Kolkata. How can i change the same without employers consent.

  7. sreejith MR says:

    Hello Sir,

    while trying to upload my adhar card, its showing some error message like mismatch in Name or DOB but as per site name is showing as sreejith mullepparambil reghuvaran and in adhar its sreejith Mr. would you please advise how to update my adhar.

  8. Neethu KG says:

    My name is Neethu KG,PF NO:100535455952 I got a message from PF office message is …..Claim Form 31 (PF Adv) Claim ID: KRKCH170700010460 Member Acct KRKCH00216630000000063 rejected.Reason of rejection: NOT ELIGIBLE-INSUFFICIENT SERVICE. Remarks by DA/AO:OK/OK
    Rejection letter is under dispatch.
    Please help me,what can I do?

  9. Christina says:

    Hi, I woukd like to withdraw my PF, but Im not sure if I shoukd use Aadhar or non-Aasdhar forms. I tried online submission but it says my Aadhar is not seeded, but My UAN account shows my bank ac no, aadhar and Pan number. Which form shall I use for withdrawal?

    • Shan says:

      You can use Online Withdraw, go to PF Office and Authenticate your Aadhaar with UAN! then you will be able to proceed with online withdrawal!

  10. Sherin says:

    Hi, I closed the bank account which was linked to my PF Account. Will PF be credited to an alternate bank account?

    • Shan says:

      No it won’t be unless you have provided a valid bank account during Claim submission!

  11. N.R.Suresh says:

    Hi my pf claim id is KRKCH170400005033&KRKCH170400005049 is on received 5-4-2017.may i know when i will get pf payment?

  12. antony says:

    how many days will it take to withdraw the PF amount after submitting the claim application ?

  13. Aneesh says:

    How much time after payment under process to get pf

  14. Deepesh says:

    I am from Trivandrum .My employer’s pf office at Kochi. Can i submit my PF withdrawal form at PF office in Trivandrum ?

  15. Dipin says:


    Do i need to provide the self attested copy of adhar and bank pass book with the pf withdrawal form .


    I already send my request for Pf withdrawal at EPF office Kochi via Courier on date 16/07/2016. My PF No KR/21428/1335 & UAN no is 100614152200. I want to know what is the status? And when the amount is credited?

    • Shan says:

      Sir – We are group of individuals who are doing this as a service and we ar eno way connected with EPF Office.Please contact the PF Office for further details

  17. vishnu s says:

    How i can get a UAN number for my PF id?

  18. Sarath Balachandran says:

    @K. Murali Nair, you should take a print out of your request mentioned above in a white paper and just forward the address mentioned below by a registered post.

    The Asst. Commissioner,
    EPF Sub Regional Office,
    No. 36/685-A, Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
    Post Box No. 1895, Kaloor,
    Kochi – 682 017 (Kerala).
    Phone no : 0484-2341579.

  19. Devendra pratap says:

    How can withdrawal pf amount

    • Shan says:

      You have to file a claim!

      • Sarath Balachandran says:

        use Form No.19 and 10C along with Copy of PAN Card and Cancelled Cheque leaf or Secheduled bank’s Pass Book.

      • naveen k says:

        Sir we have been receiving family pension From this year jan and we got our last pension on may sir what was the reason we didnt get pension for past 2months pension id no is r/o WB/PRB/29601/2506

  20. Kumkumath Murali Nair says:

    The Asst. Provident Fund Commissioner (Pension)
    Employees Provident Fund Organisation
    “Bhavishyanidhi Bhavan”,
    Post Box No.1895,
    Kaloor, Kochi – 682 017 (Kerala)

    Ref.: letter No.KR/TVM/Pension Cell/Tr in/151000005219/2015/2826-A
    Dated 22-10-2015 from Asst. Provident Fund Commissioner (Pension), Thiruvananthapuram

    This has reference to letter No.KR/TVM/Pension Cell/Tr in/151000005219/2015/2826-A dated 22-10-2015 addressed to The Asst. P.F. Commissioner (Pension), Employees Provident Fund Organization, Sub Regional Office, Kochi and a copy marked to the undersigned regarding issuance of pension payment in r/o WB/PRB/13709/1196.

    I have not received arrears amount from June 2015 to November 2015.

    Please treat the matter urgent,

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    K. Murali Nair

    • Shan says:

      Send it to the office as this is a UNOFFICIAL site for EPF and we don’t have any contact with EPF Office


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