PF Balance Check without UAN Number

If you have forgotten your UAN number or your Employer has not given the UAN number, it’s still possible to check the PF Balance provided, you have got the mobile number that is associated with UAN number. Then follow any one of the methods described below to check the PF Balance!

Missed call:

Give a missed call to the number 01122901406, after the missed call, EPFO will send an SMS which could contain all the details of PF Balance along with UAN as shown below (If your number is not associated with your PF/UAN account you will get a message saying number not registered, make sure you give the missed call from the correct phonenumber)

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Send an SMS from your UAN Activated mobile number to 7738299899 .ShortCodes for different languages are shown in the table below. The default one is English “EPFOHO UAN” (You can type it without any 3rd word and send it to 7738299899).To get the SMS in different languages you add codes like HIN (Hindi) , PUN (Punjabi), GUJ (Gujarati), MAR (Marathi), KAN (Kannada), TEL (Telugu), TAM (Tamil), MAL (Malayalam) and BEN (Bengali)

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These are the 2 ways by which you can know your PF Balance without the UAN number. Incase if you already have an UAN number, you can login into the Member Passbook portal and view the balance. With the details of the SMS, you can use your UAN number to login into the portal and do any of the activities below

In case if you don’t know your UAN checkout how you can find your UAN number

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