Downloading UAN Card

To download the UAN Card you need to login into the UAN Portal and Click on View UAN Card as shown below in the screenshot.

Once you click on the UAN Card in the dropdown menu.You will get a page as shown below.In the below page your UAN Card would be displayed and also you can click on the “Download ” to download the Card in the PDF format.

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83 Responses

  1. shaik.jany basha says:

    Hai sir. Iam lost my mobile no. How to change my password and change my mobilenumber

  2. shamsiya says:

    If i claim for PF online , how much days it takes to credit ?

  3. ronak patel says:

    Hey my uan card whats the bull shit my uan is activated but kyc also updated but I see the uan card on kyc is no what cam I do for this thing
    I also submitted my name changing form but no changes 2 month how much time I well be wait