I have not received EPF Pension – What to do?

Of late, I have been receiving lot of comments about Pension being not received by EPF Pensioners for say the last 2 or 3 months. Here are some of the steps they may need to take or check to get the Pension credited

First Check here in the PPO query portal

  •     And then either contact your Bank or EPF Office based on the observations


When to contact Bank?
If it shows your amount as credited here but you have not received it in your Bank account, then there is no problem from EPF Office, you may need to reach out to your Bank to see what’s the issue!


When to contact EPF Office?
If you don’t see your amount credited for your PPO no for that particular month then there might be some issue from the EPF Office. Usually it might be due the below issues

  • Not Submitting Digital Life Certificate
  • Withhold due to issues like name not matching in “Aadhaar” and in the Pension account
  • Someother issue


EPF Office receives lot of queries like this so calling them is futile it’s better to send them a email and see if they respond and if they are not responding it’s better to go in Person and contact them.