Form 20 – EPF Final Settlement Claim due to death of EPF member

When an EPF member dies, Legal Nominee or heir will have to submit Form 20 for Final EPF Settlement along with other requisite forms to claim EPF,EPS and EDLI claim amounts.

When an working Employee(Member)  dies before 58 years of age while working

  • Form 20 (EPF)  and Form 10D (EPS) and Form 51F (EDLI)


When an working Employee (Member) dies after 58 years of age 

  • 10 years’ service completed – Form 20 (EPF) and Form 10D (EPS Monthly Pension) and Form 51 (EDLI)
  • 10 years’ service not completed – Form 20(EPF) and Form 10C (EPS Full settlement) and Form 51F (EDLI)


When an Employee dies when not working

  •  Form 20 (EPF) and Form10D  or Form10C

EPF  – Employees Provident Fund
EPS – Employees Pension scheme
EDLI – Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme