How to renew your Digital Life Certificate this year?

To renew your Digital Life Certificate, all you need to do his follow the below steps

You can to any E-Sewa centre, Suppose your PF is at Mumbai office and your nearest E-Sewa is in Delhi, you can renew the Digital Life certificate from E-Sewa in Delhi itself

Steps to Renew Digital Life certificate

Step 1: Go to any E-Sewa centre nearby your place

Step 2: You need your PPO No, Aadhaar No and Bank account No

Step 3: Tell the E-Sewa operator that you need to renew your Digital Life Certificate

Step 4: You need to authenticate by using Biometric Finger prints and follow the process over there, once it’s done your Digital Life Certificate would be renewed

Step 5: Ask for the operator for the printout of Digital Life Certificate confirmation

Your Bank account will be automatically linked with the PPO and incase if it doesn’t not happen and you don’t receive pension within next 1 month, then you need to do the bank and show the printout of the Digital Life Certificate confirmation

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  1. gopalakrishnan.B says:

    how to you apply in life cetificate please help

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