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ICICI Bank Complaint Form Online

    To register a complaint against Branch or any issue, you can raise a complaint online by following the below steps. There are 3 levels of complaint and you can go from one level to another level if your complaint is not properly resolved

    Step 1: Go the url –

    Step 2: Click on Email on the page

    Step 3: In the next page you can enter the details as shown below and file a complaint about any deficiency in service of ICICI Bank which will be resolved by the ICICI Bank complaints Team

    Step 4: If your are not satisfied with the response from the complaint team, you can go the level 2 by going back to the complaints page where you can click on Level2 and raise a request to Head – Phone Banking

    Step 5: If you are not satisified with the response, you can go ahead and raise a level 3 request on the same page, if you are not still satisfied with the response of the bank you can reach out to banking Ombudsman directly..