Form15G for EPF Claim Withdrawal

Some questions about Form15G are addressed in the below post

1.Is Form15G for EPF Claim necessary?

If you service is less than 5 years then it’s necessary but if your service is more than 5 years then it’s not needed itself.

2.How to submit Form15G for EPF?

Once you have submitted your EPF Claim Online and if your service is less than 5 years, there would be a call from EPF Office and the EPF Representative would be calling  you and asking you to submit Form 15G. They will be giving you their mail address to send the Form15G

3.Where to download Form15G?

You can download it from here –¬†

4.How Total service is calculated for EPF Claim?

Suppose you have worked in Company A for 4 years and then you started working in Company B for 4 years , meanwhile you have got your amount transferred also. In this case your total service would be 8 years and your claim won’t have any tax on it

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