What’s the rate of Tax on EPF Withdrawal?

EPF Withdrawal are taxable depending upon Member’s PF Contribution years and  – https://www.epfguide.com/tax-epf-withdrawal/


And if the Member’s service is less than 5 years then the EPF becomes taxable unless Member has one of the exception cirumstances as mentioned here 


Tax Rate on EPF Withdrawal 

Tax is applicable only if the Withdrawal is more than 50,000 otherwise Tax is not applicable and there are two cases in which the tax rate will defer as mentioned below

  •   PAN  Submitted & Updated in UAN
    •  If PAN is Submitted then the TDS will be deducted at 10%
    •  if Form15G/15H is submitted then no TDS(Tax)


  • PAN is not submitted
    • Tax (TDS) will be deducated at the rate of 34.6% (You will get only 65% of your PF money)

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  1. I was send my joint declaration form by post on 18/11/2017 but they are not du anything what sud do

  2. Bro Pls give me a suggestion …my amount is less than 50,000. Can I go for online claim. Without buying a pan??? Because my pan can’t upload in kyc…. Due to the name change in pan. So…

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