Ways to verify Income Tax Return

Whenever we file an Income Tax Return, we should verify Return.Long ago, there was only one way to verify Tax Return , that is we need to send the ITR return all the way to Central Processing centre at Bangalore via Speed Post or courier.

But of late, our IncomeTax Department has introduced few other ways to verify the return.Let us what are the other ways.

  • Aadhaar Generated OTP
  • Already Generated EVC
  • ITR V via Speed Post


Aadhaar Generated EVC

Mobile number registered with Aadhaar will get the OTP and would be valid for 30 minutes.Once you submit a return you will be asked to enter an OTP which you already have or will be asked to generate a OTP. Once you enter the OTP your Return will be verified successfully


Generated EVC

You can verify your returns by going to your Bank Account and clicking on Generate EVC Option.And once you generate EVC you return would be instantly verified in the account.

ITR V through Speed Post

If this option is choosen, ITR V will be generated which you need to sign it and send it through Speed post through CPC (Central Processing Centre) at Bengaluru