Updating Qualification in EPF UAN portal

You can update your qualitification status directly in the EPF UAN portal without having to rely on your organization or others. let us see how to update the qualification in the below steps

Step 1: Login into the UAN portal

Step 2: Click on View & then go to Profile

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Step 3: Click on the edit icon next to the Qualification

Step 4: Then click on the checkbox “Change Qualification” in the next screen

Step 5: As soon as you click on Change qualification, a drop down box will be displayed listing the different qualification statuses, if you are a Graduate then click on “Graduate” and click on “Get Authorization pin”

Step 6: Verify the details given below and then click on “Yes” button

Step 7: In the next screen, enter the OTP ID you have received and then click on “Save changes”

Step 8: As soon as you have clicked on “Save Changes”., the Graduate details would be updated in the EPF UAN portal.