Update Bank Account Number in the UAN Portal

The below post will mention steps about how to update PAN  in the UAN Portal

Step 1 :  Login into the Portal

Step 2 : Click on Manage

Step 3:  And the Click on KYC link under Manage menu

Step 4:  Then Click on the CheckBox for Bank Account

Step 5: Update your Bank Account Number and Name as on Bank Account

Step 6: Click on Save

Step 7: Once you Click on Save, you will see it under Pending  or Approved KYC verification




Once Saved you will get it under Pending KYC or it will be directly approved



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88 Responses

  1. Yogesh says:

    How to know eKYC portal user name ? I tried using UAN number that I use to log in on UAN portal…It gave me incorrect username

  2. jadav nanusinh says:

    Hi Sir,

    Uan account name and aadhar details is miss mtach so i do request for uan account name change in online.i tried that befor 20 day.
    Bt still status showen is ” pending for field office ”

    What i can do

  3. Radhakrishna says:

    I have registered my bank details in KYC but our employer is not verifying it even after repeated follow up. What I can do further.

  4. Mahboob Ansari says:

    Hi, Team
    Please Help me How can I Chang My
    Account Number For Online Pf Apply . There is my old bank account number . This is Salary Account. , but i want to give my personal account. but it was already closed .

  5. Sandeep says:

    I resigned from company and i will not working any more. i need to withdraw my PF, but in UAN portal the bank account number should be updated by employer.Now how to proceed further.Could you please suggest us.

  6. Ram says:

    my KYC has approved by my previous establishment , but still online verification status is unverified.

  7. Akhil says:

    My kyc status showing Digitally Approved, but when i try to claim my pf it is showing ‘please update your adhar’ what i need to do?

  8. Venkatesh says:

    Dear sir my name is wrong in UAN portal in place of my name my father name has been entered. Can u please help how to correct in online

  9. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I had already done my bank detail KYC but now my bank account transfer in another state so that IFSC code changed so kindly guide me how to update correct IFSC CODE in EPF account..

  10. nithinkumar says:

    Sir, i typed my bank account details in site, but i was unable to save it..what to do. I am entering correct details in the site.. I want my pf amount. I only get my pf money if the details get updated in site. Sir what to do for saving it in the site??Please help

    • Shan says:

      There were some issues reported by another user also..so please try after some days as these PF officials are slow

      Note : we are no way connected with PF Office!

  11. Joy Banik says:

    Dear sir,
    When i was going to updating my Bank details in KYC then I am click Submit that time its was not submitted and in upper Conner one message appeared ” SQL Error “,.
    please help me.

  12. RUPENDRA KUMAR says:

    I have a bank account update in my UAN .
    But it show in pending from many days. Please tell me how much days my Acc no. Will be updated



  14. Surendrasinh Rathod says:

    I updated my Bank details since last one month but it’s still in pending kyc list. When it will be approve?

  15. Manish kumar says:

    Dear sir m update my kyc in which bank detail,adhar,pan, driving licence all detail and now these details are show in pending kyc before 20 days but these detail are not approved till today so what to do now pls tell me how to update my bank detail for transfer request

  16. Pratish Lakshmanan says:

    i have updated my bank account number and it is now showing under Pending..When will it get approved ?

  17. Gershom says:

    Dear Sir,

    My employer entered the wrong account number in my EPFO account, i was updated the correct details as you said above before 6 months, I contacted my employer to update them, but they are not willing to update the details. having any other options to update the contact details, kindly help me

  18. Deepak Jayaram says:

    I have updated my correct bank details and ifsc … it is also been approved by my employer… however there is wrong ifsc code with right account number in my account… employer probably doesnt know how to delete it … what happens if i place a withdrawl request now ? Will there be problem in doing so?

  19. Rag says:

    I have a wrong Bank account number updated in my UAN along with a wrong name. I have updated my correct account number and name. It is in pending status. How long might it take to get approved ?

    Is there any way to delete the wrong account number ? It has already got approved and I see no options to remove it.

  20. Nitu Paul says:

    How to much time taken by UAN team for KYC approval