Tax on EPF Withdrawal

Many People think EPF Withdrawal is not taxable but it’s not true in certain cases.

EPF amount withdrawn can be taxed only in the below condition

  • If the Total Accumulated Service is less than 5 years
    • Suppose if the member has worked in an Organization “A” for 2 years and another Organization “B” for 1 year and if the member is trying to Withdraw the amount then it’s taxable
    • If the member’s PF contribution service is less than 5 years in a single organization


Tax Exemption cases 

  • If the Member’s service is terminated due to ill health
  • If the Company shuts down
  • Some exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the Employee


If there is anyone of the above reasons is valid then the PF amount is not taxable       

5 Responses

  1. Amol ramteke says:

    How to withdowal money from EPF account please guide

  2. Sunil R says:

    My amount is less than 50,000????

  3. Sunil R says:

    Sir.. My total of epfo amount is 30,000.. Is there any TDS applicable for these amount or is there nessesity for update PAN?

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