Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome & Burning Feet

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can also cause burning sensation in feet in some cases. This is also due to particular nerve called “Tibial” nerve which allows movement to parts of the foot. Tarsal Tunnel syndrome occurs when the tibial nerve is compressed. There are lot of differences between burning sensation caused to Grierson-Gopalan syndrome (Burning Feet) as well as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

This is also a form of peripheral neuropathy which occurs when tibial nerve is damaged. And when tibial nerve is compressed or damaged, symptoms such as burning sensation in foot and toes, numbness and tingling in feet and other abnormal sensations. The symptoms might also include weakness of toes, ankle, foot muscles as well as pain in the bottom of foot. Your feet can also get deformed due to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

This mainly occurs due to a sprained ankle, swelling of leg, flat feet and other diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis which damages the tibial nerve in the leg. Burning Feet (Grierson-Gopalan syndrome) can be differentiated from the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Vitamin B deficiency tests as the burning feet syndrome is mainly caused by Vitamin B deficiencies whereas the underlying causes for tarsal tunnel syndrome are different.

Your physician might further ask you to do tests for Electromyography, Nerve biopsy and Nerve conduction tests along with blood tests and imaging tests, such as X-Ray, Ultrasound and MRI