Symptoms of Burning Feet

These symptoms are specifically limited to Burning Feet Syndrome where as burning sensation can be caused by different underlying causes. So if you suspect if you have burning feet syndrome then any of the underlying causes should be present otherwise it might not be the burning feet syndrome, it might be something else!

The burning sensation is usually confined to the soles of the feet, but is present in some cases, in the palms of the hands as well. Burning sensation might start with soles of your feet around about the ball of your great and then may spread from there to the soles completely. They may also spread to your dorsum as well as the ankle region. The burning sensation may occur in short periods but it might be very intense and you may experience excruciating agony. (But it might be mostly tolerable).

You may also have a feeling of pins and needles in the distal part of the extremities. It might be mostly felt in dorsum of your feet and round about the ankles. Sometimes it can be mild whereas in some cases it might cause restlessness and sleeplessness. Both these subjective sensations get worse while you are walking. The feet feel sore when brought into contact with hard ground and consequently the patient may be bed-ridden most of the time.