SBI Interest rates for FD (Fixed Deposit)

SBI accepts Fixed deposits for any duration from 7 days to 10 days and the Fixed deposit interest rates increases as the tenure of the deposit increases as shown below If you have a fixed deposit for greater than 5 years then you would get the highest rate whereas for less than 1 year , the interest rate it would be minimum.

TenorsOthersSenior Citizens
1 years5.105.60
2 years5.105.60
3 years5.305.80
4 years5.305.80
>5 years 5.406.20
SBI Fixed deposit rates for 1 year and above

In DaysOthers Senior Citizens
180 to 365 days4.404.90
46 to 179 days3.904.40
7 to 45 days2.903.40
SBI Fixed Deposit interest rates for duration between 7 days and 365 days

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